The gulf existing between the body-for-self and the body-for-others seems impassable”

Simone de Beauvoir

Where in the world of stereotypes does Deborah Trusson fit? am I trying to break out of or fit into the mold of  perceived normality.

My intention is to challenge the viewer or the viewer’s perceptions of beauty and body image. I tend to use confrontational opposites – strength/vulnerability, intimacy/alienation, validation/annulment, and empowerment/disenfranchisement.

Considering the binary system of stereotypes, I also seem to provoke ambivalence, and conflicting attitudes. I am trying to co-exist, to claim my space in society… Despite whatever understanding or misunderstanding my work may provoke, I offer myself, for myself……

“To live in fear of one’s body and one’s life is not to live at all.” Naomi Wolfe


Nuture Marilyn or Me? Inside Out

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